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Health Benefits Partners

Use the experience of Geneva Synergy for strategic planning, program design, and operations cost containment solutions.

Leading-Edge Health Benefits Partners

When Health Benefits partners put their trust in Geneva Synergy, they are seeking individualized insights and answers. Geneva Synergy delivers the highest standards of service and support for our health benefits partners.
As an example, Quest Global Benefits is the only provider of it’s kind that brings closed loop solutions to employers that directly impact the cost of their healthcare benefits.  Specializing in providing employers, employees and families the appropriate level of medical care and education tools to empower employees to understand their healthcare benefits and costs to administer care.  Geneva Synergy works with Quest Global Benefits to offer benefits to Employers thru Agency relationships, Broker and Third Party Administrator relations. Geneva Synergy supports Quest Global Benefits in their benefits of providing:
  • Appropriate level of care 24/7 nurse and physician triage care with a dedicated patient engagement team.
  • Healthcare Advocacy benefits dedicated to each member’s personal unpaid medical debt need.  Negotiating lower cost charges on behalf of patient and settling unpaid co-pays, deductibles, and out of plan charges while also providing a consolidated payment option that fits the members budget.
  • Education tools to empower the employee and employer to understand healthcare costs with comparative data that outlines specific costs from facility to doctor in different facilities and demographics.
  • Deep prescription discounts having resulted in as much as a 90% discount.
  • Employee educational tools and HR productivity and compliance tools.
  • Efficient online enrollment
  • Measurable results reporting which supports cost containment controls and increases overall savings measures by addressing areas of strength and weakness in the utilization of benefits.  This reporting also helps the employer optimize current wellness programs and implement new wellness programs to directly impact the population creating productivity and better health.
Ask for a referral today; we have been successful negotiating renewal increases down from 32% to 15% or 50% to 0% with our Health Cost EXPERT negotiators.  The direct impact more than pays for the added benefit before we even complete enrollment in cases we can get involved with the existing benefits provider company to assist in the renewal process.
We also partner with Third Party Administrators to enhance employer solutions when the need is there.   Our recommendations can save an employer hundreds of thousands and in many cases millions of dollars by utilizing the most efficient software available that enables our partners to provide true efficiency in scale, passing the savings directly onto the employer vs. keeping the margins because they can.  Every company in America and Abroad needs to reduce costs and 100% transparency in our business relations supports our highly effective programming that saves the client extraordinary money.
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