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About Our Founder

Sheila Cross | Principal

Geneva Synergy was founded by Sheila A. Cross in 2007, having been a business owner since the late 80′s, inspired by her work with the late Anthony (Tony) Antoniou, CEO of ANVAN Companies Geneva National Development in Lake Geneva, WI. in the late 80′s/early 90′s. Geneva Construction was born, having been recruited to work for Waterfield Financial Corporation, Cross relocated her family to the Dallas Fort Worth Texas in 1993.  The need to fulfill client obligation requests in the financial industry resulted in Cross developing her own mortgage branch lending nationally from 1996-2006, while at the same time founding Geneva Realty Management in 1997, a commercial and residential real estate investment and holding company that owned Geneva’s corporate offices as well. In 2007 Cross founded GH Mortgage Inc. holding a HUD license, a financial services company procuring debt, equity, mortgages while at the same time developing a robust real estate portfolio and Geneva Realty LLC to procure solutions for clients commercial and residential real estate needs.
Understanding the need to be educated to support business development needs and licensing requirements Cross continued her education from her days in college in Madison, WI thru today continuing to stay abreast of current changes in business,  laws, the Insurance industry as it relates to healthcare costs, Financial industry as it relates to debt, equity and brokerage, and in the real estate industry as it relates to commercial and residential brokerage as well as project development.
As Geneva’s client base grew so did their needs which created more business development opportunities for the Geneva Companies.   Today the Geneva Companies consist of Geneva SynergyGeneva Realty LLC and Geneva Realty Management with client business operations procured thru Geneva Synergy.  Through it’s own growth and development Geneva Synergy has added several facets of operations services and developed strategic partnerships with private companies and fortune 500 companies like Ecolab (#229), #3 Chevron’s subsidiary Chevron Energy Solutions, Amerex Energy, Facilities Solutions Group, QuestRx Global and many other private companies with broad capabilities that bring high level solutions, cutting edge software and technology to our client solutions.
Having transacted almost 1 billion dollars in transactions Cross has developed a niche’ in her industry that continues to develop and grow every year that includes but is not limited to large commercial development projects and in recent years de novo development projects, turnkey specialty hospital developments from inception to turnkey, including debt and equity raise and physician syndications.  Most recently launching THE revolutionary health care cost containment, education and empowerment program for QuestRx Global that is helping employers across America dramatically reduce their healthcare costs in the face of an ever changing healthcare cost burdened economy.  This sector of business is growing faster than any sector in Geneva’s history because of the need for REAL SOLUTIONS that deliver measurable results back to the employer thereby creating additional operations cash for employee incentives, other programs or business development.
Cross has worked very hard over the last 26 years to become an industry leader in every sector of business she has touched.  That drive is conveyed through to her client relations as her successes culminate referral after referral which empowers a successful company.
Remember where we come from… aspiring to make a difference and lead by example for generations to come and most of all remember this work we do here, these successes, they are not ours to keep… do good with it.   – Sheila Cross